High Variety for Active Pets

In Southern California’s outdoor-loving community of Granada Hills, Ralphs supermarket provides convenience and variety for pets that are ready to hit the happy mountain trails.

Within the northern region of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, sitting in the Santa Susana Mountain foothills, lies Granada Hills. Bordered by the Interstate 405 freeway to the east, Devonshire Street to the south, Lindley Avenue to the west and Los Angeles City limit to the north, this town offers the convenience of strip malls combined with a serene, quiet atmosphere.

Established in 1926, Granada Hills earned a reputation as “The San Fernando Valley’s most neighborly town,” according to Jim Summers of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council. Predominantly residential, Granada Hills includes a more-rustic region in the town’s northern area, boasting ranches and bridle paths that run parallel to streets and sidewalks.

Though Granada Hills might be known as the “most neighborly town” in the San Fernando Valley, it is also extremely accommodating toward pets and is home to dog- and equine-friendly parks, some of which include hiking trails that wind through the nearby mountains. As one of Los Angeles’ largest parks, O’Melveny Park covers more than 672 acres. The Granada Hills Recreation Center, also known as Petit Park, provides a place to walk and engage in sports and many other activities, including dog obedience training classes. Such an active community of approximately 53,014 residents requires a grocery store that accommodates the needs of four-legged citizens who are on the go.

Supplies to care for the furry, feathered and scaly residents of Granada Hills are available at Ralphs, a local California-based supermarket chain that has a story dating back to the 1870s, when George Ralphs opened the first Ralphs Bros. store. In 1999, as part of a large merger, Ralphs joined The Kroger Company.

Of the brand’s 228 California stores, the Ralphs supermarket that serves the Granada Hills is centrally located on Chatsworth Street. Upon entering the store, shoppers can see a clearly visible sign for aisle 19, which leads to dog and cat food, pet care, hardware, automotive supplies and pest control. While aisle 19’s pet selection shares space with other products, pet items fill the majority of these shelves.

Although the store has not dedicated any of the front or rear endcaps to pet products, the variety of Ralphs’ selection and the array of animals that can be cared for with these supplies are impressive. One shopper noted that she chose to purchase her dog food at this store because it was easier than traveling to another shop. “I am here shopping for other things, so it is convenient,” she says.

The right side of the aisle is dedicated to feline products, and the left holds canine supplies, yet the front sections of both sides are used to hold toys, medicine, fur-care products and parasite prevention solutions. A standalone 48-inch by 14-inch by 12-inch black metal display rack, dedicated exclusively to Pricilla’s Kitty Grass, greets shoppers at the front of the aisle, on the right-hand side. Atop the rack, Priscilla’s display includes images of different animals, accompanied by a sign that claims, “Not just for kitties anymore.”

Pricilla’s offers catnip and a 100-percent natural oat, wheat, rye and barley mixture known as Kitty Grass. Suitable for felines, canines, birds, certain small animals and reptiles, Priscilla’s Kitty Grass is cultivated locally in California. Attached to the side of the rack, a slim tube holds naturally shed peacock-eye feathers, intended for cat playtime. Sitting on each of the rack’s four shelves are pots of different sizes, filled with fresh, sprouted kitty grass that is ready for use. Along the sides of the rack hang refillable catnip pillows and heart-shaped toys, pre-filled with Priscilla’s catnip.

Next to the Priscilla’s display sits a full-size, six-shelf Freshpet refrigerator holding a variety of goods from the company’s Dog Joy and Freshpet Select lines. Customers can choose from Freshpet Select dog food items, such as Slice and Serve Rolls—available in one- and six-pound sizes—and Homestyle Tubs. Felines are not forgotten, as pet parents can purchase Freshpet Select Roasted Meals created for cats and dogs to meet the all-natural diet needs of their pet. Also included in the Freshpet refrigerator are Dog Joy Treats, available in three-ounce turkey bacon, eight-ounce chicken and 7.5-ounce sweet potato options. Available in 5.6-ounce packages and priced at $4.99, Dog Joy Fresh bones, made from chicken and brown rice, are sold at the lowest Freshpet treat price point.

Moving down the aisle on the same side leads to an assortment of food and supplies for exotic pets and wild birds. The top shelf of this section holds Kaytee-brand Gourmet Recipe products for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, cockatiels and parakeets. Organized below the top shelf, a hook-and-pegboard display offers parakeet and cockatiel honey sticks, millet spray, foraging boxes for large birds and, for small animals, Hearty Hay wafers.

Comprising the lower half of this section are four shelves that hold bedding for gerbils, rabbits, hamsters and other small animals. A variety of Tetra- and Wardley-brand fish food, plastic canned-food covers, as well as an assortment of food for domesticated and wild birds occupy the remaining space on these shelves. Hanging from a clip strip, Dingo Original Mini Rawhide Chew Bone seven-count packs provide division between this section of shelves and the next, which includes medicine and non-food supplies.

Pet rugs, self-replenishing water bowls and waste-disposal tools are arranged along the top shelf of the next section. Below, traditional food and water bowls occupy the entire second shelf. On the third and fourth shelves, the supplement and medicinal selection begins. For cats, Sergeant’s offers products including Sure Shot dewormer, vitamins, wound cream, hot-spot remedies and MITEAway. Dog parents can choose from Sergeant’s selection of dewormer, wound cream and hot-spot remedies. Also available are Hartz ear cleaner, ProSense allergy relief and antiseptic products, and Sure senior cat nutritional supplements.

The remaining shelves in this section are dedicated to flea and tick prevention, and fur-care products. Flea, tick and mosquito solutions are important in an area where dogs and cats might be outdoors often, especially during the warmer summer months. Ralphs offers a large selection of such products, including Adams spot and spray treatments, and Hartz collars, which dominate the parasite-prevention section. Carpet- and upholstery-freshening sprays are displayed on the bottom shelf. A pet shampoo selection includes Sergeant’s Fur So Fresh for cats ($6.49), Pet Select Freshen Up! and Soothing Oatmeal for dogs (both $5.99), and Hartz Ultra Guard ($5.49).

The remaining shelves of this aisle’s right side are lined with cat food and litter. Many traditional cat food brands, including Fancy Feast, IAMS, Friskies, Meow Mix and Purina, are sold along with the Kroger-branded Pet Pride. The Pet Pride feline food line includes three-pound plastic containers of dry food, bags of dry food weighing three- to 15-pounds, three-ounce packets and cans of moist food, and 12-pouch or 24-can variety packs. The cat section ends with litter, deodorizer and box liners. Many recognizable litter brands are available, such as Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, Scoop Away, Arm & Hammer and Jonny Cat. Pet Pride litter options include an eight-pound bag of Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter or 20- and 10-pound bags of standard multi-cat and scented litter.

Along the opposite side of the aisle, dog food lines the shelves. Familiar names such as IAMS, Pedigree, Beneful, Purina One, Dogswell, Alpo, Kibbles ‘n Bits, Rachel Ray Nutrish Just 6, and Old Yeller comprise the dry food selection. Canned food options include Cesar, Alpo, Beneful bowls, Pedigree, Alpo, Gravy Train, Newman’s Own and Dogswell. Pet Pride-brand dry food is offered in Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor, Kibbles Variety Mix and a natural option. Pet Pride moist foods include 3.5-ounce canisters, 2.2- and 5.5-ounce cans, 5.3-ounce packets, 12-bowl variety packs and 12-pouch variety packs. Three neatly placed standalone Purina treat holders line the aisle alongside the dog food.

At Ralphs, dog parents can choose from treats such as Pup-Peroni, Milo’s Kitchen, Beggin’ Strips, Vita Snacks, Waggin’ Train, Dingo, Old Yeller, Mighty Bone, Milk Bone, IAMS, Newman’s Own, Blue Dog Bakery and Pet Pride. Included in the Pet Pride-brand canine treat selection are Hearty Flavored and Meaty Basted Biscuits, Rawhide Twists, five-inch Dental Care Rolls, and a natural line featuring Smoky Mini Pork Bones and Smoky Hambones.
An assortment of feline treats including Temptations, Friskies Party Mix, Purina Whisker Lickin’s and Fancy Feast Appetizers are available for cat lovers. Pet Pride offers treats in Ocean Whitefish Flavor Crunchy and Tartar Control.

Returning to the front of the aisle, on the side opposite of the Priscilla’s display, stands a section filled with toys that tempt pet parents before they head for the register. Though clip strings hang from different shelves along the aisle, offering rawhide and treats, an assortment of plush toys such as stuffing-free raccoons, plump pink pigs, striped zebras with gangly appendages and Angry Birds are available to become a pet’s new buddy. Rawhide, basted bones, Nylabones and training pads are also stocked in this section. Perfect for this active area, Ralphs offers rope dumbbells, Pet Pride tennis-ball launchers, tennis balls and an array of flying discs on its toy shelves, as well.

While the pet aisle of the Ralphs Granada Hills location might seem unassuming at first glance, once inside, pet parents will be pleased with the convenience and selection of products available to meet the needs of this active community.

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